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Architects of the Aftermath

Architects of the Aftermath Released: 2010

Genre: Thrash Metal

Architects of the Aftermath
Thrash metal from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This isn’t your regular cookie cutter want to be retro thrash band. Unlike a lot of the bands I hear doing this stuff, this band actually sounds alive and forceful.This is a very good independent album and it should get them a lot of label attention. They are exactly what the thrash metal scene needs, lots of energy and lots of aggression. One of the best Thrash albums I have heard in a long while and a thousand times better then that gay Warpath band.

Is it very original? Not really, but they do not sound like the typical clones I have been flooded with. They stay within their Thrash Metal subtext yet you can hear influence from the death metal community. I would probably label this as Death/Thrash and it does remind me of that short time period right before death metal took over; when we had bands pushing thrash into that extreme summit. If anyone ever heard the demo tapes from Epidemic in 88 and 89, you will understand what I mean.

Check out the song, "I Can Kill Gods", it is loaded in the F.T.U. music player!

This is a killer album and if you are a Thrash Metal fan you should really check this out.  For fans of Slayer! The album cover is very cool and it comes in a nice dig pack. Show some support; contact the band at their myspace page.


Reviewed by: Mercury 23

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